In an effort to increase security and ensure upgradability on our shared hosting platform, all MySQL passwords must now conform to the the 41-byte password hash format. This change will be rolled out beginning Wednesday August 16th.

As cPanel continues to ensure security standards are kept in line to upgrade their product we too must keep in line to keep the panel updated and our customers secured and on the latest software. Most servers within our environment already adhere to this security requirement, so this notice applies only to legacy hosting on older servers and plans.

All customers having issues with their websites loading for database reasons should log into their control panels and simply set their MySQL user passwords to what it currently is, which will set the password in the 41-byte hash format.

The steps to do this are:

1) Log into the cPanel account for the domain having the issue

2) Find your current MySQL username and password from the website configuration file (example: for Wordpress this file is called wp-config.php, for Joomla, configuration.php) using the file manager or FTP

3) Click the icon for "MySQL® Databases"

4) Go to the bottom section "Current Users"

5) Click "Set password" next to the user that you found in your configuration file

6) Enter the password that you found in your configuration file in the two password fields

7) Click "Change Password"

This will resolve the issue.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

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