Zpanel Install guide

zpanel install

Zpnel is one of the Free Control Panel for Web Servers .  Follow these steps to install zpanel on your Virtual Server ( VPS ) / Dedcated Server .

Zpanel Install Guide

* Recomended Operating Systems for Zpanel :   Cent OS 6.4 , Ubuntu 12.04


Method 1:

1 . Login to SSH
2 . After clean install of centOS , run yum update with
yum -y update
3. Then reboot your server

4. Download Latest zpanel installer
wget https://raw.github.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/CentOS-6_4/10_1_1.sh

5. Make the installer executable by this command
chmod +x 10_1_1.sh

6. Run the installer

Follow the instructions during installation .


Method 1:

1. Login to SSH
2. Download zpanel installer
wget https://raw.github.com/zpanel/installers/master/install/Ubuntu-12_04/10_1_1.sh

3.Make the installer executable by this command
chmod +x 10_1_1.sh

4. Run the installer
sudo ./10_1_1.sh

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